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Capital City Ent has been around for close to twenty years. It was a solo operation that slowed down for many years while my best freind and business partner, Al Gillies and I explored a few ventures.

Our most recent was a corporation Al and I first dreamt of repairing broken hockey sticks. Al and I were both volunteer Equipment Manager's for our local Jr A hockey club and we saw so many sticks getting thrown in the garbage and young players going without good sticks. So we began Pro Stick Repair. We dominated the market fixing more sticks than anyone in the business allowing anyone to afford a $300+ dollar stick for a fraction of the cost. We were getting pallet loads of sticks in from the WHL, OHL, NCAA, AHL and and a couple of NHL teams.  Al and I took this from a dream to several franchises around Canada and the United States. Things were going great and we decided that our relationships with these excellent equipment managers and teams could be even better if we provided them with custom hockey graphics which was our background. There we began Pro Stick Graphics. As Capital City took to a back burner, Pro Stick Graphics took off in parallel with Pro Stick Repair.

Things couldn't of been better with excellent sales, new trucks, etc but their was only one thing we were missing and that was Al's health. Cancer came back for round two and never really went away. We decided our best option was to sell Pro Stick Repair and just continue on with the graphics. We were lucky as Glen, who purchased our corporation that we truly loved, also shares the passion for hockey as we do. We let the name of Pro Stick Graphics slip into the abiss and Al and I kept going with Capital City as this operation is at my property and if Al's illness was making him weak I was able to work alone allowing him time to rest and get stronger.

My best friend and business partner lost his battle with cancer on the 12th of February 2016 at just 48 years of age. I modified my original logo to highlight the "AL" in the title in memory of him. Not a day goes by I do not think of him and pick up the phone to chat as we did everyday. Our family and Al's family continue to be close and spend lots of time together sharing many memories we were lucky enough to create through the many years of friendship with this lovely person.

This companies continued values are in dedication to Al, his work ethic, focus even in his case through pain, making customers into lifelong friends, his bravery while facing his challenges, and his positive attitude that never waivered right to the bitter end.

Until we meet again. Best friends forever.