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Individual Player Sets

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Individual Player Sets come with the following:

* 7 STICK DECALS. Good for identifying sticks albeit left at the arena or in more experienced teams so team trainers can quickly identify stick to pass to player if they break theirs in action.

* 2 SKATE DECALS: It is just as important who sharpens your skates as it is the consistency of what hollow they are sharpening them to. Would a race car driver want a completely different set of tires after the car is set up? Well that is the same for young and more experienced players alike, as they need to feel confident on their skates and edges. Also if you were to take 15 pairs of skates to the local sports store when you are away at a tournament you can easily identify by logo, number and each player will get sharpened to the hollow on the skate. Otherwise you are likely to get whatever is on the wheel on their skate sharpener.

* 2 HELMET LOGOS: Best if your team or association's logo can be given to us in vector format. Eg. .ai, .eps, .cdr. For a color brochure on the difference between raster and vector graphics click HERE.

* 2 HELMET NUMBERS: These can be made the same for front and back or generically one for black and one for white helmet. Also best if you can send photos of home and away jerseys so we can match the font and colors.

Individual Price: from $9.99 plus tax and shipping. Team discounts available.